Esoteric Coloring

To be an artist in the quantum world, first you must understand the value of colors in the physical world.

The Hebrews have done extensive research on this subject through the studies of the Kabalah, so if this post interests you, be sure to check that out. For the purpose of this exercise I will only be giving an overview of the ties between color and purpose in the art world.

First we must settle on an universal truth. Everything is a vibration, the rocks, the sky, the sea, the earth, the people, the arts. Everything. Colors themselves are vibrations and the different color signify a different vibratory sense. With this in mind we must create with purpose and intent.

Above is a chart of the different colors of creation as you can see the spectrum is quite simple, although there are several combinations, hues, and variations; there are only 7 primary colors of creation. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink.

Each color is used to further intention, this is to say the following.

If you intent is to heal through your art, then a palette of greens is the best way to go. If your intent is to affect emotions, then hues of yellows is the way to go.

Next time you create your piece of art, try and think first of what you’d like the watchers to feel. This initial idea can then guide your colors.

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