Love Marketing

Rose Quartz crystals are known as the stone of love, including self love                                                                                                                                                      More

Are you consumed by the daily weirdness of marketing? Then you’re doing it wrong. Marketing is actually quite simple once you start making art form the heart.See this is because when you create a piece with love there comes an innate feeling of sharing. This is Love Marketing.

Instead of having to sit on your computer everyday to market, you should sit down to share the love you get from your work. It’s all about intention, if you’re doing it so you can get more fans, more clients, more money. You’re doing it wrong, that marketing strategy might work for you but it will never truly fulfill you or your business’ expectations. You have to do it to share love.

So start by clearing the accounts you follow simply because they have a lot of followers, and focus on following those people you love. The artist’s you admire, and interact with them. You love their work, show them that love. Comment, repost, share, love them for real, publicly. Then watch as others do the same for you. This is true marketing.

It isn’t even only online, this goes for people in real life. If you create with love, you get filled with love, and if you share that love with the people around you, they grow and as a consequence you grow as well, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So love, love, and love.

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