Life is an experience not a drag.

It’s not easy, I’ll be honest. It never is, but there is a ray of sunshine I assure you.

For years we’ve been thought and conditioned, like dogs, to live the lives we live. We are told that we must be scared, that we must fight, surpass, excel and exceed above all others, for this is the only path to success.

Yet all is fake. There is a better way, there is the light of love. There is the path of wisdom, there is the raising of vibration. There is kundalini, there is the matrix, the gods, the ascended. The happy!

Why then do you choose to live like you’re in Hell? Constantly stressing yourself and putting your own personal well-being at risk only to pay the bills? To meet the appointment, to run here, to be there. Never being HERE.

In the here and now. In the present moment. In second 0. In minute none, in the right now.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself , “Is it a friendly universe?”

If the answer is NO, you’re doing it wrong.

There is a better way, and that is the conscious choice of being happy. Of smiling even when things are looking down, of being grateful, of loving above all else. Of understanding.

I assure you that once you take this path, you will never again look back. So this time when you ask yourself “Is it a friendly universe?”

Say YES. Know it’s YES, and be grateful for all the friendliness it shows you, like your breath, your friends, your books, the internet, the food, the ground and the sky. Be grateful, for the universe is magnificent. And. She LOVES YOU.


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