Marijuana and ART

Throughout history marijuana has been linked with the creation of art. This is in part due to the hallucinogenic, relaxing and boosting effects of THC. However, as a marijuna smoker for over 3 years of daily use I can attest to both the advantages and detriments of marijuana and art.

As artists to create the best work possible, one must be relaxed and ready to create. Marijuana has a sedative effect that can get you there, but take too much and you just lost yourself a whole day. This is of course if you are using an Indica strain.

In the case that you are using a Sativa and your head is buzzing with ideas, it is always a good thing, yet too many ideas at once can turn that buzz into a roaring headache.

So the truth is this, marijuana is great, it’s fun, it sparkles, yes. It’s all in the quality and the quantity, if you find yourself smoking cigarettes while you work, I suggest switching to joints, the light high from a small joint will keep you going through your day without hurting your lungs as much as a cigarette and the roughly 15 mins it takes to, grind, pack, and roll a joint will give you the relaxation you need to keep working on all cylinders.

I’m not a scientist, I just smoke a lot and make a lot of art. If my output of work is directly linked to marijuana use, I am highly thankful for that blessing.

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