Setting An Intention

My mom would always put out a bowl filled with water and two knives in a cross formation on top, every time it was raining too much or she had just done laundry and was about to put it to dry in our backyard.

When asked about it, she would simply say, “It’s too ward of the rain.”

Of course in the beautiful Spanish voice only she know, as she does not enjoy speaking the English language even when her work requires it of her constantly.

Funnily enough, if it had been raining it would stop and if the clouds were grey, by the time she started hanging clothes, the sun would come up and shine it’s beams of light all through our back yard.

Now, I don’t know if my mom was a magical being, although she surely is that to me, or if it was simply luck. However what I do know is that setting an intention can carry you through though times always.

Now, she never truly knew if it was going to rain or not, I mean there are forecasting channels dedicated to that sort of thing, but did she truly know? No. How can you with nature being as random as it is; yet, she never faltered, she didn’t second guess it, she just felt it in her bones, all the way through, rain will never come as long as I set the intention for it, and sure enough it never did.

I am that way too now, perhaps because of her, and whilst I don’t often put those mystical rain spells to work. I do set an intention each an every day I walk into my studio to create.

Some days it is simply to have the energy to tackle a big project, other days is it the need for abundance in my life, the intention to make the right amount of money to leave this bullet infected metropolis, and yet other days I simply want the inner peace to enjoy my work and forget that out there, thousands of innocents die at the hands of cruel wars and rulers.

Whatever the intention may be, never do I sit waiting for a purpose to drive me, for that would be lunacy. Purpose must come from within, deep within you it must  resonate with that you need and want for you and others. In the case of my mother, that was safety and in a way I too look for safety in my work, the safety of a stable income, a safe environment to express myself, the safety to create as I was truly meant to create.

Whatever that need may be, we all have something that drives our art.

What is your intention, why do you wake up each morning and do that which your body resists with all it’s might but your soul knows no greater freedom but to immerse itself in it?


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