Ricky Fellowes and David Czerkies

During the formative years of my career as an artist/animator, I met two great animators that at the beginning helped me create some of the coolest projects I’ve ever been a part of to this date.

These two artists and animators are FellowesArt and DCZerkies42.

In early 2013, I was working under their wing as mostly an in-betweener and background artist, just helping out here and there where I could to get some ideas going, we worked together on things like the Morph Collab,

and Cuddle-Bot,

After Cuddle-bot was released we slowly drifted apart, no longer working too closely, simply because of life, we were all quite young with David being the oldest in college and me and Ricky being close to graduating or just coming out of high-school, that however did not stop us for for long, as Ricky got back into the swing of things and together we made a couple more shorts like:

Pokemon Online with a dear friend voice actor by the name of Chongo

and lastly Electrode’s Fatal Flaw

That was it, after that last animation we all parted ways only to grace each other through the online hallways of social media. Looking back it, it was a wonderful time, filled with tons of magic and creativity, and working with these two individuals truly taught me some great things, not just about animating but about being in creative group, but those are lessons for another day.

I hope you enjoy the animations we put together for each other and of course for you, the viewer.

Till next time,have a wonderful day.


~ Antonio “Mabs”



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