Read Twice and Ask Questions

I sit here watching a documentary on women in comics, “She makes comics”( it’s really good to see this in mainstream media. To find a documetary n cartooning is one thing, to find one of women doing cartooning now that’s a whole ‘nother thing. I love it.

It’s great to see the different perspectives in such a wonderful medium as comics.

Peaking of, and a great segue into how I feel right now;


Sometimes we take projects on for whatever reason, it might be because of money, it might be because of subject matter, it might be because of friendship, whatever the reason we use for taking on this project, we must be very mindful that whenever we take on a new project, we are essentially signing away hours of our life to this project or person, and sometimes that can make or break you.

In my case I signed up to the project because the person that hired me for the work is a very talented artist, and I honestly do enjoy to work on their comics, however this time around there was a huge deadline, and the money was not there, yet I agreed. My biggest mistake was not looking at their finished inked pages before accepting, had I seen the amount of details upfront I would have probably said something different, but oh well. Here we are beaten and bruised on a Sunday night hoping the check for the project comes in earlier than expected and I can invest it in some well deserved R&R.

If you are able to learn anything from my struggles, I hope it is to read everything twice and make sure you have literally all the information upfront before you take on any project, no matter for who, no matter for what amount of money. Read the clauses and ask questions, this would have all been solved had I just asked to see the pages first.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Or maybe I’m just sore about having to work the weekends, it’s probably that.

Talk to yo all next time.

~ Antonio (MabsARts)

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