A Minute of Silence: Meditation & Work

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Meditation is the art of quieting your thoughts so that the universe can speak through. It is the respite from the noisy universe into a state of clarity and decision.

With this in mind, how can meditation help you in your work?

To answer this question first we must understand a little bit of how the mind works in tangent with the universe. The body, is a system that the universe uses to understand itself, this is to say that you are merely a new lense for which the universe can experience itself through. Meditation asks as a rag for this lense, it helps clean it so that the universe can see better through you. The better the lense the better the understanding, the better the understanding, the better the experience.

By watching your breath your mind enters a state of transcendence in which it no longer believes itself to be the body, but understands that it is in fact the universe, and the universe loves abundance, it loves prosperity, she loves growth, evolution, she loves loving.

Now, how does all of this help your work? Easy. Once the universe understands that you understand her and that you are working on your own thoughts, she will reward you for it with clear intuition. No longer will you be in a state of failure or success, but you will be in a state of constant success because the more you clean the lenses the better she can manifest a good world for you. As within, so without.

This is a concept that you must become familiar with on your own. Sit for 15 mins a day and just watch your breath, don’t try to stop negative thoughts, don’t try anything at all. Simply watch your breath, your mind will do the rest.

Happy meditating.

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