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If I told you, You can change your life simply by thinking of a better life. Would you believe me?

If you don’t, I suggest you read yesterday’s post on meditation first. If you do, then I have for you a true super power. The power of visualizations, and no this doesn’t mean simply day-dreaming. It means truly changing your life quickly and almost effortlessly.

Visualizations are concepts created in the brain that then become manifested in the physical. An example of this is the car, someone thought of the idea of a car and then a car was build. Yet it goes even further. By combining awareness of the supreme consciousness that connects us all, you (yes you) can speak things into existence. Many famous people do this everyday. Yet desire and their desires are met almost magically. This is called the law of attraction, that which you speak becomes manifested into your life. You are creating everything in your life, from your friends, to what you eat, to the things you do.

Back to visualizing. So how can we make our lives better? How can we have all that we desire simply by thinking of it? This is where the visualizing kicks in. The universe works on frequencies, the frequency you emit is amplify and redirected back at you by the universe. Visualizing makes you emit a conscious frequency. I emit a vibration of abundance and prosperity, which makes me and everyone around me duplicate this frequency and often times we end up in situations of prosperity and abundance. That might mean a ton of money, a ton of success or even just a ton of food. Visualize the life you want to live and let the universe bring it to you.

You are not a god. You are God. You are the Universe, you are not a part of it. Life does not happen to you. You are life.

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