Mind your Mind

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Have you noticed that what makes you sad is not really the events in your life but the thoughts that you have about the events? A poor person can be just as sad and miserable as a rich person, as well as vice-versa. They can be equally happy too. So it’s not the situation, it’s the state of mind.

Many of us are born sick, and continue to propagate that sickness through our lives. Whether it is by ourselves or the help of other detrimental individuals we continue to live sick lives. So mind what you put into your mind, be very aware of the thoughts that are coming into it and out of it (in your speech). By Minding your Mind, you are making a decision to only let in positive thoughts into your life. These positive thoughts will allow you to grow and it will allow those around you to grow as well.

You are a ray of sunshine inside a beautiful meaty space suit, flying through space on a earth composed spaceship. Enjoy the ride baby!

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