Thoughts on Life

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I’ll be honest. Lately life hasn’t been the best, but do not fret. This is not a post of bereaf nor is it a post of sadness. It is a post of overcoming, of joy. Of kindness.

Life sometimes can be as hard as a rock, but that does not mean you shouldn’t pick that rock up and throw it as hard as you can into the river.

Watch that rock skip and as it sinks feel your troubles sinking away.

Then throw another.

That’s the way it is, it may not be easy some days, but you pick that rock up and throw it hard and far. Because the harder you get up and do what you gotta do, the better things will be. The universe loves a stubborn heart. So be stubborn, don’t stop. Keep going. Keep going always and forever!


Antonio “Mabs” “EROS’

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