How 5 Minutes of Meditation a Day can Change your Mind

There are boundless benefits to meditation. From curing illnesses to simply improving the quality of your life. Meditation can give you some of the greatest life experiences, I can’t speak highly enough of it.

Some of the greatest minds in history meditated. From Steve Jobs to the Dalai Lama and many CEOS, artists and innovators.

Meditation allows the brain to breath, to take a second and do only two things. Breath in the life energy that is oxygen, and process all the turmoil in it’s drawers. By focusing on your breath you allow your mind to work out on all the problems that is not allowing it to succeed, to find that new job, to truly find that soulmate.

So yeah, meditate, I would say start with 5 minutes but if that’s too much, just start by sitting down. Every day you can beat your last time. I know you will truly be grateful for this experience. Allow yourself the emotion of release, of letting go of old traumas in order to grow.

Allow yourself to love yourself.

❤ Eros

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