MindCraft: The game of Life

I’mma let you in on a little secret, life is a game. An experiment, a simulation. If you know the rules of the game you can well play it, I won’t say win it, cause there’s really not a way to win it. If there was, there wouldn’t be a point to it. So yeah, it’s a huge simulation you can play, and play exactly by your rules. Be happy, help people, grow, learn, enjoy. Yeah, you can do that. But how do you do it?

Well the key is in the controller, in this case that is your brain.

The way it works is as follows, everything in the outside world is only but a serious of data packets, of energy that your brain receives and processes in order to then present to you in real-time. Like dreams you know, but this one is like a big dream we all dream collectively.

Anyways, so yeah that’s a bit of info on that subject, not easy talking about it. So moving on, how can you get some dopeness into your MindCraft?


Meditation allows you to clear the gutter of the city called purpose. So meditate as much as you like, as long as you feel like.


Get a pinterest board, I might explain this later, but for now just get a pinterest board. Calle it “LOVE” and put in there everything and anything you like and want. Money, things, inspirational pictures, couples, do you. Find the things you love!


Expect everyday that your life will get better. That it is getting better, every second, of every minute of every hour. It is getting better, expect it and it will happen. That’s Jesus for you, faith baby. Expect it, because it is real. There is a thing call Quantum Physics, we’ll talk about that in the future, but for now, just know that whatever you put in, comes back. So expect and it will happen. It has already happened.

❤ Eros

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