3 faces to 1 brain: The Mathematical Perfection Of the Soul, an interview.

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing our Lead Artist and Founder, Antonio Luis Rodriguez Padilla alias Mabs aka EROS.

As the Lead Artist and Founder of MabsArts, what exactly do you do every day?

Honestly, every day is a little more different than the last. I have the joy of creating one of the Top Rated Sellers on Fiverr.com (fiverr.com/users/mabelma) in the art category, a decent living for me an my love one and a freedom filled life. Every day is a little different than the last, one day I might be working on designs for our Merchandise branch which you can find at Society6.com (society6.com/mabelma), and on another I might be created art for one of our over 1,000 clients on Fiverr.com, and whenever there’s space I’m here writing blogposts or creating fun stuff for our creative director and social media extraordinaire Erika Huertas to post.

What’s up with all your different names? Is it Antonio, EROS, or Mabs?

It’s all 3. See when I was around my 20’s I started experimenting with hallucinogenic substances (not something I recommend to everyone) and meditation. This divine combination split my personality or rather my life into 3 facets. 1 being Antonio Luis Rodriguez Padilla, the child of military parents and brother to polo champions and dancers. Mabs, the combined spirit of all that is artistic, giving me the talent of music, visual arts, and in some cases (when drunk enough) even dancing. EROS, the God of Love. (you can see him posting some esoteric stuff on the site on occasions).

That’s some weird stuff… What started your weird journey in this life?

Well… Depression, mushrooms, marijuana and acid.

Can you elaborate?

Sure. Depression kicked off my need to get out of the hole of sadness that some of us have to carry (sometimes for our whole lives) and that need led me to studying meditation, I even landed in the hands of the wonderful teacher Lynn Stravecky from Journey & Beyond: http://journeyandbeyond.com/lynn-stravecky/ after that and once I felt confident in my abilities to deal with life and the challenges that arise from it. The universe herself threw me down the deep-end, my life suddenly became plagued with hallucinogenic substances that basically exorcised me of past traumas and even demons, some of which dated back even before this lifetime. I started experimenting with DMT, or The Spirit Molecule talked about by some great minds like Joe Rogan from http://joerogan.net/ and the Joe Rogan Experience, this drug opened up my mind to the soul. Which is quite a transformation, after that it all snowballed into what I would later call The Awakening. An experience that ultimately led to my physical death and rebirth, and the appearance of the God like being that enters me in states of deep relaxation, EROS.

Is it easy living like this?

It’s not hard, as long as you meditate constantly and know that you are taken care of by the Universe itself, all is well in the end.

What exactly happened during “The Awakening”?

That my friend is a story for another time. Perhaps you can comeback and ask me questions again in the future.

Who is answering these questions right now? Antonio, Mabs, or Eros?

All 3 baby. Check it out; so Antonio asks the questions and writes the answers. Mabs built the blog, where you are currently reading this, and EROS is giving Antonio the answers to write. It’s a collaborative effort between the it, the ego, and the superego.

Wonderful isn’t it? 😉

Join us next time for another talk with Lead Artist and Founder, Antonio Luis Rodriguez Padilla “Mabs” “EROS”

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