Learn Something New Everyday

It is incredibly important to always be reaching for growth. Wether that means taking a course once a month, or reading something new everyday. Here are some Tips to Keep that brain growing!

1: Articles and Blog Posts

Do yourself a favor and make it a habit to subscribe to blogs that posts about what you love. Especially if they offer updates through email. This will allow you to constantly have new information to research, learn and grow.

Some blogs I follow are:

  • The MabsArts blog 😉
  • Society6 blogs
  • FineArts Newsletter
  • Threadless.com Creators blog

2: Take Courses Online

To keep the skillset sharp and innovative I am constantly learning new things from online courses. The resources that serve me most for this purpose are:

  • Youtube
  • Crehana.com
  • Skillshare.com

3: Read, Read, Read

Every bit of relevant information you can find on what you love, will fuel your dreams and take you towards the next step of your own artistic, business and human development. So read as much as you can. That may mean picking up the newspaper and reading a couple of relevant/interesting articles, or picking up some new fiction that you like, or practical books like How to manuals or tip books.

Take in that information and learn. The world is your oyster, go out there and make it shine like a pearl.

❤ Eros

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