The Wave

In surfing there is a moment that every surfer feels can make or break their ride. It’s the moment that comes when choosing to swim faster and catch the wave or to slow down and allow the wave to pass you.

This is a pivotal moment that can be felt in many more things than just surfing. This moment can be felt right before you take on a freelancing project or before you make a life changing decision. It’s the moment where you decide to work harder for what you want, or to wait for the next opportunity. Unlike surfing, life is not a continues stream of never-ending waves. Instead it’s more like a ladder, where the next step you take will determine your growth. Choose to work hard for everything that life puts in your lap. Accept nothing short of greatness, you deserve a life fill with joy. Allow yourself to receive, don’t keep waiting on that perfect wave, go for it. The moment is now. You can do it. Swim, Swim as hard as you can, and catch that wave, and then catch another one, and keep on catching waves until all you do is fly.

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