Light It Up Cover Art

Hello and welcome to a new issue of the MabsArts blog. Today we will be doing a short review of a recently completed order. What went wrong, what went right and how we can improve it. Let’s begin.

Alright, so a couple of weeks back we were contacted by Super Peezy to create the next cover art for his new single “Light It Up!” This would be released digitally on sites like Spotify, Pandora and Itunes.


They purchased the sketch session and we were on our way. Here is the brief they provided.

“We would like a coverart/flyer of a hand holding a lighter with the words “Light It Up” above the lighter. Our logo and “parental advisory” images should be included in the image.”

This was enough to start us off. With this information we went on a search and compiled several images of hands, lighters, flames and textures that would help us accomplish said task. Once the research was completed, the sketching began.


We created a variation of fonts, hand positions and lighters to be used for the new image.

Here is where I think things could have been improved. Whilst the sketches are quite nice, and all represent what they needed to, I feel like it would have been a much better presentation had the sketches been cut out (or redone digitally) and added to a .pdf that would explain the different key factors of each designs. *Note for Future Orders*

Once the sketches had been done, Super Peezy choose what they liked most. They enjoyed the font C with the hand A-4. This we took to further refinement and created a 8.5” x 11” refined digital drawing of what they had chosen.


This came out really good, I am very happy with this digital sketch, one thing I feel could improve the general process is doing away with paper entirely. Going digital from step1 ensures that you have several sizes to work with, always clean backgrounds that are not distracting to the buyer, and just look more professional. *Note for Future Orders*

They quickly approved of the refined image, and we dived right into digital.


Alright! I’ll say it! I love how this came out. The text looks great, the coloring in the hand is really something and the ring looks gold and rich. It’s a wonderful feeling to complete work for a client, especially if they end up really liking your product. Which Super Peezy did. Here’s a review from them:

“Great artist at an affordable price”

The one thing that could have been corrected during this project was that at the end, they requested several revisions on the order because of file size. I believe this could be solved by asking clients a set of specific questions such as: Do you need any specific file format/size?

A premeditated approach that caters to client’s needs is sure to be beneficial for both parties and should be implemented soon. *Note for Future Orders*

Well, that’s all for todays folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this behind the scenes look out our projects and remember to purchase your MabsArts project with love today.

You get a $5 discount if you add a link to this blogpost when you message us.

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