How looking good can land you clients

Welcome lovelies to another post on the MabsArts blog. Today we will be discussing how looks can define your business, land you clients, and enrich your life. The featured image above was taken by Erika Huertas from Legacy Photography and the mural is by Geraldo Croquell @croquellart

Alright so let’s jump into it.

I want to tell you a story about my little brother’s graduation. A couple of years back, my little brother was graduating from high school and I was invited to attend. I picked out my finest clothes ($500 italian suit I wore for Prom) and some cool looking dress shoes. At the time this was the only “good” clothes I owned and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of using that prom suit one more time. What happened when I arrived was unprecedented.

According to people at the graduation, I was the person most well-dressed at the whole thing. I got looks, compliments, and even money.

Money? How?!

Alright so here’s what happened. I was looking good, I was feeling good, and I bumped into one of my old Water Polo coaches for way back in the day. He liked my vibe and we started talking, we quickly hit it off, remembering things of the past, and when I was asked what I did now-a-days I didn’t miss a beat. I took out my business card, handed it to them and said “I own an art services business, from logos to animation, and everything in between, MabsArts has you covered.” He laughed and took it. 3 weeks later I had my first gig with one of my all-time best customers. Which later turned into 3 different equally high paying job opportunities. All because of the suit.

Was it really the suit?

No, of course it wasn’t the suit. Buying an expensive suit does not magically mean you’re going to start landing big clients. It was the attitude that came with the suit. Being the best dressed and receiving all sorts of compliments boosted my confidence enough to be able to handle a big paying client interaction with ease and comfort. I was happy and I made others happy. That’s what truly happened.

What’s the moral here?

Do it because it makes you happy. Whatever it is, whether it’s wearing an expensive suit or going for a jog before heading to work. Do it because it ensures that you will be happy, because it will put you in a state of comfort and ease towards yourself. The love you give yourself will carry across everything you do, so love yourself fully and notice how many more good things start to happen in your life. I assure you that if you invest on personal happiness, your business, your friendships, and your life will benefit greatly from it.

With that I say goodbye. Thanks for joining me today, have a wonderful evening, and if you have any stories about personal happiness and how they’ve helped your business be sure to leave them on the comments section below.

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