Spiritually Inspired Collection

Today we have the honor to release our wonderful collab collection with Spiritually Inspired writer and founder Sara-Rae Hoagland.

This is the Spiritually Inspired Collection {insert collection link here}


Relax your eyes and your mind with the beautiful OM mandala, created with the intention of giving peace and love to anyone that sees it.

yingyang treepost.jpg

Balance your life with this beautiful Tree of Life, Ying Yang design. An innovative take on the ying yang design coupled with a message that will render you speechless. “Root your souls like a tree, and let not the winds of change perturb your inner balance.”

chakra snake post.jpg

This chakra snake design alludes to the old tales of knowledge and wisdom where the snake was used to represent secret powers of intuition and purpose. This chakra design is reminiscent of the kundalini, and the snake that made its debut in the Adam and Eve story. Reach your best self, and release all the energy in your chakras for a better today.

lotus flowerpost

A toast to new beginnings! This Lotus Flower can decorate any space with blissful journeys, new beginnings and hope. Prosper in the riches of Mother Nature with this intricate and colorful Lotus Flower design.

flower of life post

Uncovered below the pyramids in Egypt. This design holds the truth of mankind in its golden etched patterns. It is rumored that whoever holds this artifact in their hands, will become a God. Capable of shaping their existence into one they truly desire, for the greater good.


Open the gates to your inner world with this beautiful ajna chakra design. Reach enlightenment by opening your third eye to the information and the magic of the universe. This is your chance to live the life you truly deserve.

You can find this and many more at http://society6.com/mabelma

You can find more about the spiritually inspired movement and Sara-Rae Hoagland at http://spirituallyinspired.co

For professional art services and animation contact us at http://fiverr.com/mabelma

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