A day in the life of a MabsArts artist

Morning my beautiful people. Today we will be sipping a digital fresh hot brew as we discuss a day in the life of a MabsArts artist. The highlight today is on our CEO and Founder, Antonio “Mabs” Rodriguez.

What does a day in your life consist of?

I love my life and the freedom that MabsArts allows me, makes for a very interesting daily routine. No one day is the same, and that I love.

I wake up once I feel rested, not before, not after. Just at the point of maximum comfort.

I water the plants that are in my balcony and I cook myself a nice hot breakfast. If all goes my way, that breakfast includes: French Toast, Bacon, Eggs, and Sausages and a nice cold iced tea for contrast.

Then I like to sit down and go through a routine I call, “The Peaceful Routine” it involves me doing some yoga exercises to get the blood flowing and to stretch out any possible worries or stress I might have inside me. I then like to meditate either with a guided video or own my own for 10-20 minutes. This is a great way to start my day, as it gets most if not all of my thoughts in order and allows to me prepare for the day ahead. Lastly to wrap it up, I like to pick up whatever good book I’m reading at the moment and dedicating 10-20 minutes of complete attention. Once I’ve done my stretches and meditated, my mind almost empty and I am ready to take in all the new information presented. This makes me really happy, it allows me to properly and efficiently enjoy my reading, I’m not rushing or overlooking things because this is exactly what I need to do that at that time.

Once I’ve gone through that Routine, I go right into work.

I like to start my work session by going through my emails. In my emails, I have a folder called “Love Folder” in this folder I put in everything I can do, can read, or can watch to further my career. Clearing out this folder involves going through each email and performing the appropriate task for each email. Once completed, I can delete the email and clean up my folder. This is the way I do all my non-paid projects. I put them in the folder, and when it’s time comes I clear it. This means I get to work on what I love, right from the start without it hurting my freelancing orders.

After I’ve worked about 2 hours on that folder, I launch into my client work. This can take me anywhere from 2-4 hours, and I follow a strict process for each order, which leaves me a lot of room to experiment with sketches, references and digital work. I love this part of my day, as I get to see the money piling up as well as the happy customers.

Lastly I close out my day with a personal project. Depending on how much I’ve worked on that given day, I could be working on my passion projects for 1-2 hours and if I’m feeling inspired 3-4 hours. These passion projects include, an ongoing comic project, animation collaborations, and fan caricatures.

Once all of that’s done, I eat dinner and my work day’s done. I am then free to do whatever I like. Go to museums and galleries, hang out with friends or just chill out on the couch and watch nexflix.

Truly love my day.

Thank you very much for letting us see a bit of what your life holds. We hope to see you soon, and we hope that by showing you what some of our artist do on their day-to-day will inspired you to choose a life of creativity, love and freedom.

Till next time.


Let us know what your day looks like as a freelancer/entrepreneur in the comments section below.

For professional art services and animation contact us at http://fiverr.com/mabelma

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