3 Tips for Better Designs

Hello and welcome to this wonderful space in time where we get together and learn together. Today we will be discussing 3 tips for better designs. Whether you are a part-time artist, a full timer or a hobbyist. Here are three tips to improve your designs.

Sketch, Sketch, Sketch!!!

This might be something you already do, but it’s essential to any design process. In my early beginnings I had the false idea that everything I made was perfect for my clients. That wasn’t true, and it gave me and clients a lot of trouble. I would finish, complete, and deliver a design only to get it back with a ton of revisions, even many cancellations. This lead me to improve my sketching skills.

I got faster, better and started developing my ideas much further, right there on paper. This gave me the freedom to explore several concepts in little time, and come up with stronger designs due to the process of elimination.

Take your Time.

I understand the pressure of deadlines, but you need to take your time with art. Things don’t just happen, you need to be in the correct mindset, and if you’re constantly rushing things and working last minute you don’t have the time to experiment. So allow yourself an appropriate space of time to work on your art, whether it’s just you or a team. You have to set time apart for your passion.


You want to make great designs? Then you need to know what bad designs are, and what great designers are doing. You need to feed your mind, your eyes, and your soul. So get yourself a nice Pinterest board and start collecting things. That’s like feeding your eyes, you start subconsciously imitating what you see. A composition you saw, a special brush you use, or a specific way for doing the lines. You pick up everything that’s in your environment so take the time to cultivate your environment.

Do you have question? Suggestions or ideas? Post them down in the comments section below.

Thank you for coming today, and we hope that these tips improve your designs. Stay tuned for more tips, more art, and much more.

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