Why a sketch session is important

Hello and welcome. Today we will be discussing a very important topic for clients everywhere. Time and time again, I see sellers on Fiverr.com offering their services without starting with a sketch session. This is almost a sin!

This is why?

1- Most clients just have the idea. They come to you for the visualization.

Most clients don’t know exactly what they want, they have an idea. “I would like you to draw a giraffe on a plane.” But kind of giraffe? Tall? Small? What about the plane? Old school? New? Who knows!

That’s one reason a sketch session is important.

You sit down and draw everything that comes to mind with the subject, pouring out all your creativity and all the possible shapes and designs. Once you show your clients you’ll be able to choose the route to go together.

2- It’s a perfect landing offer.

With the amount of artists on Fiverr.com alone, (without mentioning the rest of the web) it can be very overwhelming for a buyer to find the right artist. If you offer a sketch session there’s  a much better chance you’ll be able to land the job. When you add an image to the words, buyers have a better idea of what you’re capable and if you offer that sketch session at low cost and satisfaction guaranteed, that’s like gold for buyers!

3- Ain’t nothing better like a good ‘ol pencil sketch.

You have originals! Tons of them, you can compile a collection book. Send them as gifts, sell them at cons, and whatever you don’t give away you can finish later for your own use and sell them as stock images online. Perfect!

Thanks for coming. We hope you’ve enjoyed this short PSA about sketch sessions. Show us what your sketch session looks like in the comments section below 🙂

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