Going Local (For Artists & Creatives)

If you’re like me, most of your business comes from online clients. People you’ve never met online, sometimes from countries so far away that visiting them or talking face to face can be nothing but a lifelong dream. If that’s your case, then you need to start hitting the Local Market. Here are 3 tips to launch yourself into your local market, and grow your business, reputation and network.

1- Family, Friends and Influencers:

When I first started out my journey into the local market of my hometown, I didn’t know where to being. How would I get an influencers with thousands of fans to promote my product? It seemed impossible, until one day I understood that you already have the people you need to help you, and they love you.

Start with your family and your friends, follow them on social media, and figure out what their reach is. You might find that one of your friends is getting a consistent number of likes every time they post something on instagram. That’s a perfect chance to strike up conversation and dwelve into a collaboration.

2- Collaborate, don’t Coerce:

It can be very tricky handling the local market, some people want you to work for free, others are a pain to work with. That is why when you are dwelving in the local market you need to follow your heart. Only associate with people you wouldn’t mind collaborating with. Friends and family are a given, but you can find unexpected alleys in people you admire. Take our recent collaboration with Sara-Rae Hoagland for example. (https://society6.com/mabelma/collection/spiritually-inspired-by-sara-rae-hoagland-and-mabsarts)

I had read her work for a while and decided to send her an email, a couple of weeks later this beautiful collab was born.

3- Accept defeat:

Sometimes people won’t want to collaborate with you, or won’t want to shout-out your products, and that’s ok. Learn to accept that. No need to get bitter or continue pestering them with emails. Just strike it off as a learning experience and ask the next person. The more you do collabs and spread your brand through your local area, the more your word will grow. Maybe in a year, they’ll be knocking on your door to work with you instead of the other way around.

If you’re looking to collaborate and grow your potential local market. Send us a message at http://fiverr.com/mabelma and let’s discuss how we can both grow together.

Besides friends, family and influencers what other techniques have you used when dealing with your local market?

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