How Reviews Help Your Favorite Businesses

Hello and welcome to the MabsArts blog, the place where we discuss all things art and business related. Today we will be discussing how reviews help your favorite businesses.

There are a myriad of reasons for leaving a review after you’ve purchased any product, but here are 3 sure reasons as to why you should be leaving a review always.

1- It helps grows businesses:

Reviews are the bread and butter of social interactions. If people don’t like your products or your services they will never recommend them, so make sure you are giving your best always. Give your client all the attention they deserve without, maintain your word and watch your business grow with all those reviews.

2- A Good Review can make an Artist’s Day:

I’ve had my share of bad reviews, we try our best to deal with these sort of things, even offering a satisfaction guaranteed to prevent from having bad reviews, but sometimes you can’t avoid it. That’s when the really good reviews help us. There is no greater feeling that working hours on a project for a client and receiving a 5 start review, a really though-out honest appreciative review. It’s enough to take the dread out of even the worse review.

3- It helps the Numbers:

In system’s like, where everything is measured in order to maintain quality across all sellers, a 5 star review can make all the difference. The more 5 star reviews a seller has, the better their chances of landing another project, and if you’re enjoying your artists’ work, then you can help them put food on their table by giving them that little token of appreciation.

We hope that next time you purchase something you leave that 5 star review.

Question of the day:

For Clients: Have you found any reasons not to leave a review?

For Sellers: What techniques or strategies do you implement in order to get the most out of your reviews?

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