Creative Shirt Designs

Below are some creative shirt designs created by the MabsArts Team.

Art:  Antonio “Mabs”

Creative Direction: Erika Huertas

ABC’S of Death:

There has been a terrorist attack on Alphabet City, the rich citizens of the beginning are being attacked by zombie letters from the end. B for brains has been bitten, C cowards in his corner, and D is dead-er than dinosaur dinner. There is only one hope, A must attack the Z zombie.

This design is perfect for shirts, and phone covers. Vote now for the chance to have it on the store. The fate of the alphabet is in your hands.

No Humans Allowed:

In the year 2079 machines have taken over. All the surviving humans now leave secluded in underground bunkers. Any human caught walking out on the streets is promptly shot by the mechanical spiders of doom.

This little girl lost her balloon, and when she found it. Oblivion was waiting for her.

Get this awesome shirt design and cover by voting today. Act fast, the contest ends soon.


Cosmic Woman:

The universe always has your back. Show your Love for the universe with this amazing, global consciousness t-shirt. ONE LOVE.

You can find these and many more creative and awesome shirt designs at:

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