Your Creative Circle (5 Minute Reflections)

To close off the month of March today we will be introducing a new session of posts. Little tidbits of knowledge you can enjoy whilst you’re sitting your coffee or smoking your morning cigarette. Today’s topic will be “Your Creative Circle”. Let’s dive right in.

What is your creative circle?

Your creative circle are the people in your life that stimulate you to be a better artist. This might be your creative mom that also does art, or your yoga teacher friend that is always doing something new and getting out of her comfort zone. People that inspire you.

Why have a creative circle?

Often artists are plagued by people telling them that they can’t succeed, that they’re art isn’t worth it, and that’s not true. You’re just running in the wrong circle. By having a group of friends that you love and trust to give critic, support you, and go to your events. You are being part of a creative network of individuals that supports each other’s growth. And that is invaluable.

Where to start?

For today’s 5 Minute Reflections, we invite you to take the time to make a list of the people in your life. Divide that list into three groups. The people you enjoy, the people that drain you, and the people that enjoy you. Star pending more time with the people in columns C and watch how your life starts blossoming.

5 minute Affirmation of Today:

“I am with the right people at the right time.”

“I love my friends and my friends love me.”

“I attract trustworthy friends because I am trustworthy.”

Namaste and we hope you’ve enjoyed the first edition of 5 minutes of reflection. Join us next week for another edition. Brought to you by your loving art service provider, MabsArts.

Let us know what sorts of topics you’d like us to cover in the next posts, down in the comment section below.

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