MabsArts Manifesto (What does MabsArts stand for?)

Founded by artist and puerto rican brainchild, Antonio Rodriguez “MABS”, MabsArts is a provider of art services and love for the worldwide art market.

We aim to spread, positivity, love, growth, professionalism and abundance to everyone we come in contact with.

From our buyers to our fans, our ultimate goal is to teach, fulfill dreams, and provide outstanding services to anyone in need of art.

We at MabsArts believe that art should be looked at with much more than just eyes of greed, whilst we believe art is worth a lot, we offer affordable prices to everyone and anyone, because Art as well as knowledge should be affordable and reachable to anyone that wants it.

We believe in 3 very important things that shape every decision we make.

  1. Self-Love
  2. Positivity
  3. Professionalism

If it’s not helping you grow, making you money or making you happier then it’s not something we want to take a part in. We believe that art is the fuel that runs our dreams, everyone needs art from the hobbyist children’s book writer to the programmer in training. We make it easy for them to get the art they need and deserve to make their dream projects a reality.

Never will you a see a business more focus on the personal growth of their clients and fans, than MabsArts, this is because we know that by helping others, we are relieving a bit of pain in this world. The last thing you need is a stressful situation when you’re purchasing art, we solve that for you.

We love you, it’s real, the amount of love we have for you is immense. We are here to grow with you, for you, so let’s do it! Let’s grow our business, our lives, and our health together.

With love,

Antonio (MabsArts)

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