Fiverr Quick Gig Tips

If you’re like me or the hundres of people in the Fiverr forum, then you want to grow as a freelancer using the platform. This sounds like an easy idea, but there’s much more to it than just sitting here and saying “I’m going to make a living off of Fiverr.”

Below are some quick tips to getting your first order and starting down the road of your own financial freedom.

The Gig.

This is your home-base! Your board of decisions, your baby. It is through here that you will receive clients, orders, and reviews. Which is why all the information on this page must be relevant, recent and engaging. Make sure you have all this items in order before going live with your first gig.

  • Gig Images (all 3 images should be specific to the service you provide and be up-to-date.) Image size: 608 x 410
  • Title (this must be a unique and catchy short title that summarizes your services and is easy to find)
  • Tags (make sure your tags are all specific to your market, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, what would you type if you were looking for your gig.)

The Price.

Alright, so we got our gig info all sorted out and now we need to know what to charge. We know the website is called Fiverr because of it’s roots in selling cheap $5 services, but should we charge $5? The correct answer is No. Don’t just charge $5 because it’s cheap. Charge because it’s worth it, price your services based on their worth, and your time. Make sure that whatever you are charging is giving you enough money to live your life and save on the side, you don’t want to be doing this for 10 years always struggling for the next check. Price realistically, do some market research, test how long you take to complete an order, figure out your expenses and income and then charge. Be honest with yourself and others, are you getting what you’re worth? Are you worth what they’re paying?


The last tip for today. Marketing is the most important part of any project, whether you are trying to sell a book, mix music or sell character designs. The most integral part of your success will be how you market yourself. Pick venues you will succeed at, don’t just do it because everyone is doing it. If you don’t like Twitter, don’t tweet, everyone feel when it’s being forced. Don’t force, it just sit back and figure out what it is you want others to say about our work, and then you can start saying those things about it. Figure out what the conversation should be and start aligning all your marketing towards that.

If you require help with any of your Fiverr Gigs, feel free to message us today for a free consultation. We up-haul your gig and get you in the road to sales for just $330. Small price to pay for a lifetime of freelancing freedom.

Have a great day and happy freelancing.

With love,
Antonio (MabsArts)

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