DownTime, FunTime (how relaxing can help you create better designs)

Heeeeellllloooooo my beautiful peeps and peepettes, I hope you are having just a wonderful day today, and every day!

I welcome you to the MabsArts blog, where we talk the latest, coolest ways of improving your life and your business. Today we will be discussing the benefits of relaxing! Relaxing!!! Relax! What an oxymoron, right? Screaming at you to relax.

Why Relax?

Listen, there’s a ton of reasons to relax, from the benefits on blood pressure, alleviating migraines, to weight-loss and improving sleep habits. Today I have great news!!! I will be writing some blog posts for the awesome Print On Demand, artist contest, shirt design website and the first post I will be writing for them is very similar to this one. This is why today we will be talking about how Relaxing can help you create better designs. Think of this as a warm-up for the Threadless post.

Why Relaxing Can Help you Create Better Designs?

Have you ever been on a really tight deadline and just rushed the project just to deliver something to the client? It wasn’t the best thing you could do but you did it, just to make that deadline. The weekend came and the client saw the delivery, he’s not too happy. He wants a ton of revisions now. So here you are, back at square one re-designing your rushed project, and if you do it again, you’ll be back at square one.

All of this could have been fixed if instead of stressing and rushing the project, you had just taken 15 minutes out of your time and just breathed.

How Does Relaxing Work?

Ok, so here’s the thing. Life unfolds like a flower, from the middle. The middle in this case is your core, your soul, your intention. Right in the middle of your being, that is where Life starts to unfold. When you stress, life halts the unfolding process, by taking a step back and relaxing you are allowing the flow of energy to continue again. Try it, whenever you feel stress again. Just close your eyes, breath deeply and feel how something inside you comes lose and you have a rush of energy. Feel it creeping around your body. This energy that runs through your body, is the energy of life. When you cut that off, things start to become more difficult. You can see this when you are angry, if you are angry and start talking to people, you are very likely to be met with a confrontative attitude, just breathe and relax. Feel it in your heart, and then notice it around your life. When you relax things just naturally flow.

5 Ways to Relax during a stressful design.

As designers and illustrators we immediately become artists. An artist is a very peculiar creature, they are tasks with the privilege of creating from the Non-Physical realm (ideas) into the Physical realm (the real world). As translators of the Non-Physical we use our brains to manifest. The task of manifesting is not an easy one, it requires a lot of energy from both the human artist and the Non-Physical realm. Ideas or Muses have been described as a storm that one must catch in order to bring to life the ideas. To catch a storm of ideas is like catching a wave on a surfboard. If you force it too much, you’re just gonna crash, and if you’re too lose, you might miss the wave. Here are 5 Ways to relax your inner energies and catch that idea storm.

  1. Just Breathe– Breathing bring oxygen into your brain. The more oxygen your brain has the more neural connections it can create. This helps you in the association of things, which brings you to Eureka moments, so breathe. Keep that mind free of unnecessary thoughts.
  2. Affirm it into reality– Everything already exists, the future is nothing but the present of a different perspective of your consciousness. With this in mind, you must affirm that you have created whatever it is you are trying to create. This will make you vibrate in the frequency of your creation, and slowly you will come to the reality where you’ve created the creation. Trying these affirmations next time youi are feeling stressed:
    1. “I am guided in the creation of this piece by divine love.”
    2. “I need not stress for I was born to create this work of art.”
    3. “I trust my instincts and follow my muse.”
  3. Meditate- Straight up, go meditate. Pick a silent room, wear comfortable clothes and focus on your breathe. If you mind deviates come back to your breath, enjoy the feeling of relaxation that comes with meditation. I assure you this will get your idea engine going.
  4. Go Out for a Walk In Nature– Nature is a well… natural stress-reducer. Just go out for a walk at your local, park, beach, or garden. Just enjoy the green love, the flowers, the breeze, the air. Enjoy the plants, I promise you that you’ll come back stress free and ready for any project.
  5. Write- Writing puts the Non-Physical (thoughts) into the physical (words) by doing this you are very well cleansing your brain. Don’t delve too much on the way you are writing or why you are writing. Just writing for the sake of writing, if it’s negative throw it away, no need for that in your body. Every bit of negativity in you is a direct decrease of positivity. The key to your great designs is well-being, and you can only achieve that state by being positive.

Try out these couple of tips and live yourself a good time. DownTime can be Funtime, all you gotta do is remember that your times of inaction are just as important as your times of action. Take care of your brain so you can take care of your business.

Let us know what you do to relax down on the comment section below.

With love,

Antonio “EROS” (MabsArts)

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