Your Brain is Playing Games

Have you ever noticed how you look at yourself in the mirror and criticize yourself? How sometimes you’re eating and all you’re thinking about is how fat you’re going to get, or how skinny you want to be.

All these thoughts are not your fault, they can be very draining. The can become the vane of an existence. It can be very hard to be happy with such thoughts constantly chattering in your brain.

So what is this all about?

There are three parts to your personality, based on Psychology.

The Id: The you that is here, in society, the one that interacts with the world, the one that buys groceries and beer.

The Ego: Aka, your thoughts, your past, your emotions, that side of you that is bound to analysis.

The Super-Ego: This one I understand as the version of you that has infinite potential. Your highest version of yourself. The most loving, caring, most successful and productive, version of yourself.

What does that mean and how does it relate to the nonsense in your brain?

Alright, so the way it works with thoughts and how they get filtered, goes a little something like this:

1- Thoughts or “stimuli” is present in the environment.

2- Your ID (aka the physical you) perceives it with it’s set of sensory tool (hands, mouth, feet, etc…)

3- Your brain translates it into a symbol that is defined by a set of memories, experiences, and perceptions cultivated through known history of the individual and society.

4- You re-act to the stimuli.

So what happens to the Super-Ego?

When does the deepest connection to source self lie? Where does he respond?

That’s the trick. If the ego is too dirty, the super-ego cannot shine through. Think of a mirror, no matter how many different faces you make, if the mirror is dirty, no face will be reflected.

Same happens with the prism of your mind. If it’s too dirty, the Super-Ego cannot take control.

How do I clean it?

Simple? Meditation. Hard? Years, of continued mindful practice, of control of your words, your body, and your thoughts. Travelling, and the cultivation of peace, beauty, and harmony in your life.

Why would I want to act from my Super-Ego instead of my Ego?

Because you cannot fail when you’re in this state. You are completely synchronized to the rhythm of existence. As the wind blows, you take your breath, as the grass grows, you move your feet. As life unfolds so do your dreams.




  1. En mi experiencia se trata de reconocer las fuerzas mentales que nos llevan a actuar. Reconocerlas, entenderlas, aceptarlas y si es necesario modificarlas o limpiar como bien utilizas el término. El asunto es que luego de este proceso de instrospección podemos controlar esas fuerzas mentales. Tu definición de las tres partes de la psique que controlan nuestra mente es bien distinta a como principalmente se utiliza en el campo de la psicología asi que se me hizo complejo entenderlas pero me gusto. Tenemos un debate pendiente en casa. Love you

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