A Dream Within A Dream

What is a dream?

“A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.”-Wikipedia

This is the dictionary definition of what a dream is, but we both know that a dream is much more than just images/ideas/emotions, dreams can be goals, full on learning experiences and even lifelong journeys.

There is very little that differentiates a dream from the real world. One key aspect that is different is that our desires are not meant instantaneously like on the dreamscape.

In real life, sometimes desires are never met, so why dream at all?

Simple, dreams are a way for you to connect to the higher version of your being. To the you that is so connected to source that everything you wish is created in front of you instantly.

In the real life we are tangled by stress, negative emotions, negative ideas and perceptions, but in the dream state we are not.

If we cleanse our lives of this negativity our desires would be instantly met, like in our dream states.

So what can we learn from dreams?

  1. In our relaxed state we can visualize and imagine at our highest capacity.
  2. The Universe has the capacity to fulfill all of our desires instantly.
  3. We must aim to be free like in our dreams.

Be more conscious of your own existence. Of you dreams and how they relate to your life. I know you will find a lot of similarities that you will be able to turn into lessons to better understand your life.


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