Magic, Money, and Mysteries


Hello all and welcome to a post full of magic, mystery and wonder. Today we will be discussing the nature of sigils, their mysterious power and how integrating this kind of light magic into your life and work can improve your financial situation.

Without further ado, and because I know you’re all rocking in your pretty chairs waiting for this. Let’s dive right in.


What is a sigil? On wikipedia you can find this description of what a sigil is:

sigil (/ˈsɪəl/; pl. sigilla or sigils; from Latinsigillum “seal”) is a symbol used in magic. The term has usually referred to a type of pictorial signature of a demon or other entity; in modern usage, especially in the context of chaos magic, it refers to a symbolic representation of the magician’s desired outcome.

As you can see from the text book description it’s a symbol that represents the desires of a magician. This is very similar to your grocery list only it carries a lot more magical weight than “get some apples”. So in effect, a type or pictorial signature that represents a desired outcome.



You must be thinking, “This is just crazy stuff” or “It says magician, I’m not a magician.” Both of these thoughts are wrong!

1) If you’re thinking this is crazy stuff, then just wait till I explain the laws of the universe. The nature of vibration and the nature of the word.

2) Baby. You are a magician, in your hearts of hears, you’ve always known there’s something different about you, you’re never really quite comfortable in the society you live in, you struggled to fit in or in the best of cases, you were always a bit quirky for the normal people all around you. I got news. This is because you hold magic in your heart, you’ve always had it, and that yearning inside you has put you here. With the key to a life that manifested itself out of a dream. Are you ready to turn that key and open the door to the magic that exists in this world?

If you answer yes. Continue reading, I got even more news for you.

The Vibrational Nature of the Universe:

Ever heard of the principle of relativity? One crazy haired scientist by the name of Einstein made it very popular, and it was not until very recently that we proved his mathematical theory, in the physical world.

This theory holds that the universe can only be measured in relation to another thing. Object-A cannot hold any measurements without the comparison of Object-B.

Ex.If you put a bowling ball next to a feather, you might say the bowling ball is much bigger than the feather.

However, if you hold that same bowling ball next to a skyscraper you will quickly realize that no longer is it a big object, but a rather very small one.

This is to say that the qualities of an object are intrinsic to it’s relationship to another object.

What does this mean and why does it matter?

So what, right? A bowling ball has nothing to do with magic. Perhaps, but that’s not what you’re trying to grasp here, what you are currently in the process of understanding is that a human life can have many relative perspectives, it is only through the comparison of the human experience that can we determine the nature of our own existence. You cannot feel rich without the concept of poor, just like you can’t feel good without the concept of bad. The contrast is essential to life.

Alright, so how does this make me magical?

protectionLet’s go back to science for a second. You might not know what Quantum Energy or what Quantum Physics is, and honestly if you asked me to explain it like a scientist I would fall very short, but what I can tell you is this. If you go down to the smallest level of matter, pass their physical structure, right down to their molecular composition and right out their nuclear elaboration you will find yourself in the quantum level of existence. I it you will find that all the universe is; every single thing in it. From the biggest city, to the smallest ant. It is nothing more than a rapid vibration of energy that gets translated by the relative (see the connection there) brain of each human.

Ok, everything in the universe is a vibration, I get that, but what about the magic?

The perspective of the magician is unique as our task is to give a vibrational pattern to our environment that suits our growth and the growth of others. This very specific and relative perception of the world is the power behind the sigils. Sigils in themselves hold no magic unless drawn by a magician with the right perception. When that happens the vibration of the sigils hold the same pattern of the magician, enabling it’s work to be done. Like a poet who gives his all into each of his words.

Words and pictures are nothing more than the vibratory manifestation of a specific relative perspective. These sigils will become part of your vocabulary.

How can I implement sigils into my life?

A basic understanding of the concepts discussed in this post will give you enough of an understanding to start doing magic in your own lives.

The benefits of sigils is that they can work on physical things such as; money, focus, health and to even more spiritual subjects like safety, good luck, and dreams.

So break out your pen and paper, take a deep breath, remember that the intention you set is integral to the process and start drawing those sigils. Don’t worry about they come out at first, you are not trying to be perfect, that will come with the consistent use of magic in your life. Just try it out and experiment with it.

Here are a couple of sigils to get you started:

How do they work?

Before we leave we need to explain one more key aspect of a sigil, it’s power and how the universe makes the magic happen.

You might be expecting that if you use a sigil for money, that money will just pop into existence right in front of you. This is not the case, this is not the way the universe works it’s magic. She does it all the exact moment and situation, and it all goes back to the vibrational nature of the universe.

Ever heard the phrase, “Like attracts like.”?

Well this works energetically as well. By making a sigil you are imprinting a specific energetic pattern on paper, this energetic pattern will begin to attract like energies to it, slowly at first, like the snow-ball effect or phi (a topic we can discuss in the future.)

miraclesSo be patient and allow the universe to manifest your desires. If you ever feel impatient after doing your sigils remember that the only true way of getting what you want in the future is by being grateful for what you have in the present. So just be grateful, now that your desires have been met, and will be delivered in the perfect way at the perfect time for your specific time-space reality.

That’s about it for this post. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and we welcome your thoughts in the comments section, happy magicking, and may you live a life full of love, light and happiness.

With love,


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