Going In Deep

I am near reaching the end of this writing session and I find myself, wanting to give to you a piece of my heart. A more personal approach at blogging, a little respite from all the information and knowledge, to give you a piece of me that is not often seen, the part of me that does not concern itself with others, but rather dives deeps into the unknown known abyss of the self that critiques and provokes personal change deep within.

Essentially an informal way of saying, the part of me that questions my own very existence, my own reasoning, the back seat driver to all my moves. I want to give the little voice of nonsense some sense by giving it and you the ability to express yourself without filter. It is through this post that I attempt to achieve that.

Today is a very beautiful day, no it’s not particularly sunny, nor is it particularly rainy (although it has rained a couple of times today.) Today is beautiful because I have come to realize that there is nothing more than happiness and joy at every turn of existance.

Abraham Hicks said it best, and I’ll be paraphrasing here, but I’m sure you’ll get the general message.

“Life is a stream, a river of well-being, the potential for happiness, joy, and success is staring at you at every corner, just like water would were you paddling down said river. The objective is not in changing the river, but in allowing yourself to be carried by it.”

Struggle is nothing more than your resistance to this stream of well being. By training yourself to flow with the river, you allow life to carry you in a miraculous way towards your most ideal self, to your best future. It is about reaching a state of calmness, of fearlessness, of anticipation for joy, that will carry you through the darkest.

Choose every day to feel better than the day before, and once you’ve achieve that. Choose to feel better every second. Consciously and willingly choose to go with the stream of joy, and find yourself where you have to be. Try these affirmations on for size and let me know how you feel at the week.

  1. I am guided by the universe.
  2. I am supported in every way by the stream of wellness that the universe provides.
  3. I am connected to the eternal source energy of joy.

Let us know down in the comment section, what you’re thinking, how you feel, and what your dreams and desires are, and let’s talk. Let’s have a conversation, let’s both figure out, how you can get back on track into that state of allowing, that will put you back in the flow.


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