7 Spiritual Symbols and Their Meanings by Sara-Rae

7 Spiritual Symbols and Their Meaning

Spiritual Symbolism

In the spiritual/metaphysical community, we discuss a lot of different abstract concepts that can be difficult to nail down. Some of which date back literally thousands of years. It’s incredible to think that these ideas have stood the test of time and have remained relevant. So relevant in fact, that these spiritual symbols are still found all over the place!

The beauty of symbolism is its flexibility–there can be many different interpretations for the same symbol.

Just like everything else in spirituality, symbolism is divinely personal. While one emblem might mean something specific to you, it might mean something completely different to others. Which is super awesome; diversity is what keeps the world interesting and thriving.

With all that being said, there are plenty of spiritual symbols that have a widely accepted traditional meaning. People often seek out these definitions to have a starting point, something to help shape their own ideas. In this blog post, I want to share with you seven of my favorite spiritual symbols, what they stand for, and what they mean on a personal level.

In the spiritual community, we discuss a lot of different abstract concepts, which are often illustrated through symbolism. In this blog post, I want to share with you seven of my favorite spiritual symbols, what they stand for, and what they mean on a personal level.

Why These Spiritual Symbols?

Earlier this year, I teamed up with a talented graphics artist named Antonio from MabsArts. Together, we launched a spiritually inspired collection on Society6. This collection has six beautiful, bright, and bold designs that you can get as stickers, travel mugs, phone cases, rugs, and canvas art.

In case you’ve never shopped there before, Society6 an online drop-shipping platform that allows artists to make an awesome living online sell their work. Their design can be printed on anything and everything. It’s a really fun way to support the creators. All styles of art thrive here!

Each of these spiritual symbols hold a lot of significant meaning to us that will be shared in this post. I’ll also share the designs of the products we offer on Society6. Antonio and I have both contributed our own interpretations of these totems. We hope you’re as drawn to them as we are! If you are, head to our Society6 store now!

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The Chakra Snake
OM Mandala
Flower of Life
Ajna – The Third Eye Chakra
The Lotus
Yin Yang
The Tree of Life


1. The Chakra Snake

Each of the seven chakras has its traditional corresponding symbol and color. They follow the length of the spine, starting at the very base and ending just above the head. It is believed that kundalini energy (or life force energy) resides dormant at the base of the spine, coiled up like a serpent, since the day we are born. When finally awakened, the sacred serpent rises up through the body, opening up all of the chakras.

This incredible experience leads to an expanded state of consciousness, a closer connection to spirit, and a heightened state of self-awareness. Serpents represent rebirth, transformation, and renewal. We all have this vibrant, primal snake energy within us, waiting to come to life. This chakra snake design makes me feel empowered, because it reminds me of all the potential that is within me.

It may take many months, years, or an entire lifetime to awaken the Kundalini Serpent within. Discovering enlightenment takes a dedicated personal growth practice, and sometimes we need gentle reminders of our desires. Stick this colorful Chakra Serpent sticker where you’ll see it every day! Or get it as new phone case, or as a canvas print. Give yourself a daily, visual reminder that you are ever transforming.

Antonio says: “This design speaks very deeply to me. The kundalini snake is a current of energy that when activated, can change your life. It consists of the unencumbered release of energy down the 7 chakra points. Starting from the root chakra to the crown chakra. To see this energy manifest in real life is an experience like no other, cultivating this energy through Kundalini Yoga exercises, can improve overall health, mindset, and lifespan. A true blessing.”

The Chakra Snake, the Kundalini Serpent, has a significant meaning. Learn more!

2. OM Mandala

Using sound vibrations is one of the best way to instantly align with the Universe. Each chakra corresponds with a rhymic chant, and OM (or AUM) connects to the crown chakra. OM brings together all words and sounds in all human language. This sound helps energy to flow freely around us and through us. It also helps us feel more connected to the Divine so we can see the true purpose of it all.

Mandalas are circular designs, usually with extremely intricate details. These spiritual symbols originated in Hinduism and Buddhism. They represent the Universe, its complexities, its connectedness, and its continuous nature. No matter how simple or complicated the mandala is, it always has recognizable repeating patterns. It’s up to the observer to decide the level of symbolism.

Personally, I love this design it looks like it belongs to the crown chakra, and the OM symbol right in the middle reminds me of my relationship to the Universe.

When we combine these two symbols of the Universe together, something extraordinary happens. We see a radiant token that represents connection and unity. And it’s colorful, just like the Universe itself! Our OM Mandala is simple in design, but still carries a significant message of harmony, peace, and change.

Antonio says: “Once I heard a description of the OM symbol from an enlightened being. The way they presented it made a lot of sense to me, it’s a symbol that represents the states of consciousness. From grounded reality, to dream state, to conscious lucidity, to detached awareness. This design to me is beautiful. Combine that with a beautiful mandala that represents a peaceful flower of life, and you got a peaceful, detached, aware existence. Harmony.”
Mandala meaning represents the intricate Universe. OM is the sound that combines all human language. Learn more here!

3. Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a visual expression of the energetic force that flows through all sentient life. It has existed since ancient civilizations, and is found in nearly every major culture around the globe. This symbol consists of evenly-spaced circles within a larger circle, which represents the importance of sacred geometry in the Universe. With this design, we create a sort of “blue print” for divinity and life, which are one in the same.

This symbol has been around for so long that a myriad of interpretations have been developed. Some believe certain attributes are enhanced with this symbol. Such as fertility, abundance, and love. Others feel this pattern of sacred geometry is the root of all life,  and this is where all consciousness stems from.

There is no right or wrong answer–even though pretty much everyone agrees that the Flower of Life brings us closer to the cosmic truth of the Universe.

For me, the Flower of Life is an ancient artifact that has many different layers of symbolism. On one hand, we have the significance of sacred geometry well-represented here. On the other, we are have a reminder of the inherently spiritual nature of life itself. It’s a beautiful totem that has truly stood the test of time because its deeper meaning has always felt important to humanity. 

Antonio says: “In my mind, I understand this as the last level of creation. First comes the earth, then the seed, and finally the flower. This is the flower of all existence. The final form of manifestation. Everything that this design touches blossoms like a flower in spring.”
The Flower of Life meaning is the energetic force that flows through all sentient life. Learn more in this blog post!

4. Ajna – The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is located at the center of the forehead, and is closely related to our pineal gland. It represents our cosmic connection to the Universe, as well as our personal connection to all living creatures. A balanced ajna chakra results in a deep spiritual connection to all things Divine.

Our intuition speaks to us through our third eye, and is the center of spiritual transformation. Ajna strongly associates with imagination, psychic skills, abstract and big-picture thinking, dreams, insight, illusion, and understanding.

Good Affirmations for this chakra: “I am connected to the mystical side of life. Miracles happen to me every day. I am wholly supported by the Universe.”

Personally, I believe the anja chakra is one the most important, yet elusive chakras. Everyone wants their third eye to be “open” so they can suddenly have all of this cosmic insight and knowledge. They have this idea that an open third eye means they will become the ultimate psychic, when really that’s not exactly right.

A healthy ajna chakra means you are aligned with your Higher Self and fully trust your intuitive voice. You move forward in life with a purpose. All of this philosophical meaning is represented with this Ajna Third Eye Chakra symbol.

Antonio says: “The third eye chakra is the connection to the mystical, to the side of reality that is beyond the understanding mind. The connections, the coincidences, and the magic. Cultivate this chakra with the color purple, meditation on the third eye point and openness to consciousness ethereal energy.”
The third eye chakra meaning, ajna meaning, represents our Inner Eye and intuition. Learn more here!

5. The Lotus

The lotus flower is a very sacred and ancient symbol of spirituality. It represents spiritual development, enlightenment, and perseverance.

Lotus flowers take root in muddy river beds, yet they flourish and bloom the most beautiful flowers. It’s incredible that something so gorgeous begins life in such a dirty and dark place. However, the deeper and darker the mud, the more radiant the lotus flower will be. This was one of the first spiritual symbols that came to my mind when Antonio and I set out to create our collection.

“Just like the lotus, we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of darkness and radiate into the world.”

I love the lotus as a spiritual symbol of personal development. How the lotus flower blooms in adversity with lots of luscious petals resonates with me very deeply. I think they are elegant emblem that represent the purest form of ascension. This Lotus Flower design is bold and beautiful, just like a real lotus flower!

Antonio says: “Upon creating this design I cannot help but feel enthralled by it’s subtle complexity. It’s such a beautiful design, and the colorful vibe, gives me a sense of peace unlike no other.”
Lotus flower meaning. Lotus flowers take root in muddy river beds, yet they flourish and bloom the most beautiful flowers. Learn more here!

6. Yin Yang

Everybody recognizes the classic black and white circle design of the yin yang. This simple symbol represents the two equal and opposing forces of all life in the Universe. There is simultaneous unity and duality in everything. Without each of these forces, there is nothing. Quite symbolic!

Each side of the yin yang also carries a bit of the opposite within it. You’ll notice that there is a little white circle in the black section, and a little black circle in the white section. This detail shows us that one cannot exist without the other. This is one of the most powerful spiritual symbols on this list.

Yin is the shadow side, which represents femininity, negativity, passiveness, the moon and the earth, slowness, and rest. Yang is the bright side, which represents masculinity, positivity, activity, the sun and heaven, and openness.

Yin and yang are not absolute. Nothing is ever truly black and white. And I don’t believe this is the message being delivered. When I see yin yang, I think of the choice that each of us have between living from a place of light, or dark.

The Yin Yang meaning represents the two equal and opposing forces of all life in the Universe. There is simultaneous unity and duality in everything. Learn more here!

7. The Tree of Life

Another classic, powerful and beautiful symbol! The Tree of Life stands tall and proud, with its branches reaching up high towards the heavens. Meanwhile, it roots extend deep into the soil, creating a strong foundation and connection to the Earth. All the leaves on the branches illustrate the abundance of unique lifeforms that survive just as we do.

Simply put, the Tree of Life is a representation of our connection to the Earth, the Universe, and to all other life.

The symbolism in the Tree of Life is fairly simple, yet extremely profound. Mystics all across the globe really resonate with the whole idea behind it.

Both the Tree of Life and Yin Yang are spiritual symbols that are significant on their own. When combined, we see a simple illustration of how the whole Universe works!

The Yin Yang Tree carries a very high spiritual vibration. I love the subtle integration of the Yin Yang within the leaves of the Tree. To me, this represents all not only coexisting, but thriving, with an understanding of the delicate balance of duality. 

Antonio says: “This design is to me very creative. It combines the spontaneous growth of the trees, with the balanced nature of the Ying-Yang. The green symbolizes love; sometimes we might think that the negative things in our life are curses, or that Source does not love us, but that’s not true. We must understand that (like a great friend told me), ‘Everything that seems negative in our lives, is truly a blessing.’ Learn to see the love in the negative and watch yourself blossom like a strong tree.”

The Tree of Life meaning is a representation of our connection to the Earth, the Universe, and to all other life. Learn more in this blog post!



Thank you for reading!

I hope you have learned something new about your favorite spiritual symbols. Click here to check out these beautiful symbols on Society6! Which one is your absolute favorite?!

Sending you love and light,
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