Murals, Media, and More <3

It’s been a while since I write. I enter this website and it feels like I’ve let my kingdom down, the castle walls are getting moldy and the trench is devoid of crocs. So what am I to do?

Rebuild, and Prosper! That’s what!!!

Welcome to a new edition of the MabsArts blog, today we will be taking a look at why I’ve been away for so long, sitting and waiting for my old successes to get me views.

I’ve been doing all sorts of stuff, to start I finished working on a mural with the incredibly talented artist Quintín Rivera Toro, and the TASK team. Erika from Mindfulness was there too.

Here are some pictures:


The concept was developed by Quintín, and rendered by Me. I edited a Maya Culpa font, that when taken to the walls became the foundation of our mural lettering style and detailing.

Go check it out.You can find it at Calle Loiza, Puerto Rico right where the Burger King and Church used to be.

1762 Calle Loíza, San Juan, 00911

It’s a huge mural that covers the length of two huge walls alongside the parking lot space. The wordings are those of the PuertoRican poet Luis Pales Matos and the walls says:


I also finished a 5 minute long animation that will be released soon, called #TheGoldmouths, i was the only animator for this pilot episode, and it took me a whole year to complete, while the final episode is not out yet, here’s a couple of neat little animations I did of the background characters.

Last but not least I am also doing the #Inktober challenge, and I am participating in tangent with the Might Could Draw Today Challenge (

Check out my instagram for more entries:

One last bit of info, I joined BeyondX today, check them out:


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