MabsGames and the project that started it all

Aright, ok, I know you wanna know. I know cause I really want to tell you. So lately, for about the past couple of months, my little brother Fernando aka Mabelma95, started a Twitch channel, at that point, he asked me to help him with some art, and since then that side of MabsArts, has grown, into it’s own little thing. So I think it’s about the perfect time to start talking about this.

Let’s dive in.

How did it start?

Basically I covered that in the first part, but we can go a little bit further back. I’ve loved games all my life. It’s a known fact that I even started making art, not because I liked drawing or was even good at it. It was because I was programming a Flash Game, and the graphics sucked. So I took it upon myself to make some art.

After that I got commissioned and I made my first art services sale. I drew some graphics for these flash games with meman32:

Indirect Assault2:

Planet Flyer:

Ever since that I’ve been known to collaborate on a lot of things. From Other Flash Games, to Animations, and Art Videos on, a website I can account some of my upbringing on, I spent a lot of time in their forums, still today I continue to use their site for animation and game projects.

So yeah, with all that context, I started the MabsGames branch.

What is it?

Ths MabsGames branch of MabsArts, comes up to be set as a platform to explore the interactive/entertainment media. At the moment we are only talking about streamers on

MabsArts on Twitch:

We started this MabsGames initiative to help streamers not only become affiliated but also succeed in their quest to fulfill their dreams through the gaming/streaming platform.

Currently we have 2 sponsored streamers.

One under wraps 😉

And our rising star, Mabelma95


Mabelma95 is a mostly Fornight and OverWatch streamer, that is rapidly rising through the Twitch ranks, watch him succeed on his channel and follow him on Twitter.

The best way to explain how we help our sponsored streamers is to show you.

For Mabelma95, we have created a full all around package for his channel. This includes:

  •  The logo you see above.
  •  The banner art for both his twitter and his channer.
  • Character Design “Tangaroa”
  • Emotes

  • Badges

  • Marketing Material
  • Panel Art
  • All Around Support for all their Graphics Needs
  • Twitch Frame

fortnight frame2.png


One last thing we would like to point out regarding MabsArts on Twitch is that this is not the first time we’ve made an appearance, we also did the art for TheGoodSirCorey:


Twitch Frame:


Character Design:

How can you get your own?

3 ways.

  1. Be a 1,000+ streamer, follow Mabelma95, he is the leader of the Sponsored Streamers, if you click and he finds you suitable for a sponsorship, you will receive a starter package free of cost, to take your channel to the next level for you.
  2. You can ask about our design services, we create the art for you at a cost. The basic non-sponsored package ($60 with 7 day delivery)
    1. logo
    2. twitch and twitter banner
    3. personalized frame-art
  3. You can purchase the Super Streamer package for $120 (15 day delivery) This includes:
    1. logo
    2. twitch and twitter banner
    3. personalized frame-art
    4. twitch info panels (4)
    5. original emote
    6. original badges

That’s all folks.

Thanks for your time, hope you enjoy this article/artchive post. I know I did.


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