Illustration for Pitch Deck

Custom Illustration Created to help secure sponsors and investors for the app formerly known as The Nack, (Random Acts of Coffee)


This was an awesome project to work on. No only because of the theme, coffee, but because the creator of the app gifted us with over $20 of free Starbucks Coffee. This permitted the option of actually going out to a Starbucks and working on this project. A fun little adventure indeed.

I started with a sketch that was approved but with the revisions that led to the initial approved inked concept.

Then it was just a matter of cleaning up and using the app’s color scheme and some cool brushing techniques to give it that beautiful grassy finish.

The Nack is awesome!!! The Art is Awesome!!!

Medium: Pencil, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Pen,
Tags: Clients, Coffee, Art, Promotional, Corporate, Digital, Illustration
Category: ClientWork, Digital Art, Illustration

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