Podcast Cover Art Portrait

Podcast Cover Art for the Podcast Connect and Smart Apartments.

To me, it is very interesting to see, how a client’s mind works. In this case, the client came to me with the name of their podcast and the idea to have a cover art similar to some re-knowned podcasts like the Joe Rogan Experience or WTF with Marc Maron. Both of which have actually been my favorite podcasts at their own independent times. So with my own knowledge I set to the task of creating what the client requested. It was quite simple to design the covers, the designs are all simple and quite sleek, they mostly showcase typography and a detailed portrait. The portrait is really where the juice is at.

A portrait can tell so much about someone, and doing a bad portrait can make or break a design, this is why it is of imperative to ask the client for a good and decent picture of themselves. No blurry lines, no bad lighting, if you want a great portrait then you need a great reference photo, as simple as that.

So back to the client, they provided literally everything, and I delivered exactly what they needed. This is the thing with clients, there are some great clients, like this one, that know exactly what they need and give you the information you need to make that happen for them, and then there are the others. To the others, you need to step it up, with artists growing both in skill and in business, bad clients are beginning to be a thing of the past. No more working with poor imagery, or being underpaid. If you want quality art, then you need to be a quality art patron.

This business goes both ways and it’s beautiful. Thanks to Mark Goode, for their awesome project and business.

I needed podcast cover art and this seller delivered what was required. -Mark Goode

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Medium: Photoshop, Illustrator
Tags: Clients, Portrait, Art, Promotional, Podcast, Digital, Illustration, Cover Art, Caricature
Category: ClientWork, Digital Art, Illustration


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