Newgrounds Montly Voting 2

Another month, another vote. Check out my favorite picks for top shorts of February.

Cupid Anytime Show:

This show has great writing, I love the characters, the style is simple and fluid, the comedy is just so perfect.

Ancient Internet Technique for winning every Argument

“Don’t let your anger control you, it will only drive you mad, bro”

Weird night

Short but sweet, good looking characters and nice backgrounds. Good music score.

Heather Dance

Great animation, great editing, great music, I need to dust off my French for this one.


Crème de la crème, I love this collaboration so much, plus I was in it, of course it’s gonna get a mention.

A-Bit 01: Metal Slug

I am a huge fan of these really short videos, one gag kind of thing. It just feels like with so little time nowadays this is definitely a way to consume some bitesized animation content. Great job on the style, the backgrounds, the character designs, and the adaptation.


A simple gadget to reduce stress through visual and audio stimulation.

The Potato Fudger

Very weird, very weird idea, but executed quite nicely, oh and it loops.

Alien in one scene

Overall just a great neat idea, really happy to have watched this one. Just good ‘ol fashioned fun.

Buckle Up

Weirdness, Cowboys, Milk, Sex.

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