MabsArts Discord

Lately I’ve been a bit more into using the platform of discord as a legit place to exchange ideas, meet new liked minded creators and grow as an artist in general, and it is because of this idea, that I am starting to toy around with building a Discord chat for MabsArts.

I already have the chat structure set-up and I’m guessing we can all grow together in it as we go and really make it our own, so today I would like to officially open up the chat.

In it you will be able to to talk about #general topics, #animation, #programming, #illustration-and-design, #writting, #music-and-podcasting, #share-your-art and grow your social media and general following base with an #introduce-yourself section and a #social-media-links so you can post all you’d like.

So if you’re a creator looking for a loving community to support and be supported, join the MabsArts Discord today.

Follow this link and introduce yourself.

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