Graffiti in the Backyard

Today was a very fun day. With the move to the new house, I figured I could use some of the wall space to practice my spray control, and my overall lettering skills. With that in mind, I picked up a piece of chalk and started sketching.

Here’s the first sketch with white chalk directly on the wall.

Not much to look at, yet.

After. A couple of days thinking about what colors to use and what materials. I found a couple of paint buckets with primer white and a light green color. I also found a couple of rollers and some small and medium brushes. That and the two cans of paint I bought (red and yellow) plus the 3 blacks for the outlines, I was ready.

I started by laying in some flats.

I usually work a full time job at my studio, so I have to balance these kinds of projects along with my regular workload. I do that by dividing my work into either hourly sessions or 2hr sessions, and then taking a 30 mins – 45 min break. It is during these breaks that I worked on this. Mural. It also helps because in the meantime the paint dries.

This picture was the end of the first 30min session. Prepping + Mixing + Base Flats

By the next session I was almost done flatting.

Next was the juicy part. I finished laying down the flats and I picked up a nice black spray can and just went to town.

This was my first real time painting with spray cans. I went with some really cheap Harris paints but since this was all for practice, I figured those were pretty good. Next I want to try experimenting with caps that are of different sizes.

Another shot of the “inking/outline” phase. The reason most graffiti artists paint like this, back to front is because it is easier to fix mistakes because you basically just need to add more paint on top, to cover the mistake behind it.

And that’s exactly what I did here, and with that the piece is done and ready.

I have a couple more ideas I want to try out tomorrow, like a heart pattern explosion coming from the inside and some extra shadows here and there plus some more clean-ups and highlights but with this the basic piece of the graffiti is done, and I can sleep soundly, knowing I made something cool today.

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