Hello everyone, I hope you had a good week. We literally just had a close call with a tropical storm, but all’s well. It builds character.

Hahahaha, so today was truly a wonderful, and productive day and I will be honest, it has 100% to do with the new randomize system I implemented into the studio days.

Add some Spice to your To-Do List

Honestly I always wanted to do it, but for some reason it took me like 12 years to actually try it out, and woow I love it.

So everyone has a TO-Do List right, but it can get really boring to just go down the list item by item, however if you write all those to-dos in a piece of paper and put them in a bowl, you instantly add some spice to your workday. No more spending an hour everyday boring yourself to death with emails, instead randomize that baby. Maybe you get to do it at noon today, and it just looks beautiful whenever you get out of your comfort zone.

On to the next thing I wanted to share today;




I’m pretty sure i posted some of these heads before, but man! Am I happy to say that I am finally completed with these Moai Heads. The Credit Island is currently completed for now.

Screen shot 2019-08-29 at 8.35.12 PM

Today I added the last patrons of the game. It’s a pretty cool list. I’ll go ahead and tell you who are the people supporting me and the game. Note, while they are supporting me and the game, they are not working directly in or with the game (for now)

From left to right:

  1. Sro- Animator and Producer
  2. Mabel Padilla
  3. HfDiez- Music Producer and Sound Engineer
  4. Christopher Rodriguez
  5. Luis Rodriguez
  6. Fernando Rodriguez
  7. Luis W. Rodriguez
  8. Erika Huertas
  9. Nick Pasto – Mr.PastoArt programmer and teacher

So yeah a bunch of people ❤

If you’d like to be part of the credits as a patron, you can join at the $1 level and get your face on the game. In the future I’m thinking that I will be adding clickable links at the $5 mark, but we’ll see.

The game as you can see is still very much in it’s early stages, but it’s going so well, and I just can’t contain my ideas on it.

Check out some of the features I will be implementing in the coming sessions ❤

  • Firefly Animation for Moai Heads
  • Level 3 (code)
  • Exchange Art (boxes, switches, platforms, bridge, wodden gaet, foreground grass, character)
  • Implement CutScene System
  • Game Section 2
  • Forward and back Scene Triggers
  • In Game CutScene Animation Triggers
  • Exchange Art2 (Refine Section1, platforms, Background, Atmosphere, Environment, Character Anim)
  • Red Firefly Mouse pointer
  • Extra Mouse Event Art/Animations
  • Add Music
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out Function

A lot of work ahead, so I’m excited to be journaling it and sharing it with everyone.

I also gotta work on some bugs, this is definitely a Journey. The Indie Game Journey.

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