Of Loading Screens, Outdated wares and Unity

Hello everyone, hope you had a good day.

I certainly did, got a nice upgrade on my wifi and came to several realizations in my development path.

As you may or may not know, I’m developing a game called Moai.

*Not final art*

I started developing it in Adobe Flash CS3 and whilst I enjoy the platform greatly, with news of flash impending 2020 doom, aka the Flashpocalypse.

I’ve been opening myself to the idea of porting now at the beginning, before continuing further. I figure I don’t want to be working on this for 8 months only to not be able to release it because no browser will support Flash Player.

So in vein of that, Unity seems to be the way to go. I’ve been looking at some videos on youtube, especially stuff from Dani, BlackThornProd and Brackeys, have really inspired me to take the step.

It seems to me like there’s three very important things in such a software for me.

1. Integrated Animation

For someone like me coming off Adobe Flash. I need to see what I’m doing at all times, and whilst I’m sad to see the direct to programming flow Flash had with the way you could draw right there in the timeline, I think I will be able to let it go. In any case it gives me an excuse to keep Flash around for animating, so that’s good.

2. Large Amount of Resources

With the amount of Unity tutorials out there, you could probably travel to Mars and back. I mean, there’s so much! From videos to books, to courses, to blogposts, to tutorials, and I just found out that Unity comes with a free game template of your choosing right from the “box”.

You know I picked that good ‘ol fashion platformer.

If all goes well I should be able to transition what I currently have on my Moai project into Unity just by exchanging assets and modifying some code.

3. The Animation Panel

Woooo, like I know I might be saying it twice here, but I think it’s of sum importance. The whole skeleton tool for rigging, right in Unity.

Love it!

The Transition and events build right into the software makes coding look so much easier.

In short, I’ll be moving into Unity not sure at what pace but I now know that once the move into Unity is complete Moai 🗿 will be much more easier to port to mobile, and it will definitely withstand the Flashpocalypse.

Side note:

When the game is released on IOS and Android, it will cost $1.99 or around that ballpark

Meanwhile if you play the game online on Newgrounds.com or on Itch.Io it will be free to play.

Just a little thought that’s on my mind. Something I want to try out. A possibility of releasing free games whilst still making money off them at a Passive Income level.

Side, Side Note:

As research I played some games and I highly recommend Bastion for PS4, get it now while it’s on sale.

And not so highly but like mildly recommend Tiny Adventures for IOS. It’s a cool little piece, it’s also free so why not try it out, you know.

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