Valle De Los Muertos Concept Art

Hello y’all beautiful people.

Time’s seem quite charged, it’s a bit difficult not to be stressed, but I do invite you to breathe. We can make it through together. Let’s focus on creating, that’s our job, everything else we can leave it to the universe.

Through our art we can impact the world for the better.

I finally finished the Concept Art- Line Up Poster

Check it out.

Valle de Los Muertos Line Up Poster
This looks great as a wallpaper. Just right click to save

I present to you (from left to right):

  • Jane Jackonovich
  • Zero
  • Sam Jackonovich
  • Timothy
  • Adam Jacknovich
  • Lady Nala

The main cast of Valle De Los Muertos.

This post-acopalyptic survival is in it’s early stages, I got some scripts going, the character line-up is brand new so I’m just starting to really get to know these characters. All manners of fun are unfolding. Join me on this blog to follow along.

Check out this sketch I did of Jane using the lineup as a base reference, along with a pose I found on pinterest.

Screen shot 2019-09-22 at 5.56.41 PM.png

It’s just a quick sketch, but we can start to see the character in a more alive environment. Which will help us develop the story around her, instead of using her as a puppet. The more we get to know each of our characters in different situations and poses, the easier it will be to later tell stories with them.

Volume 1 of Valle De los Muertos 2020 (maybe)


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