How to not be afraid of change

Today I would like to sit down and talk to you about one aspect of life that no matter how much we try to run away from it, or rather stay in our comforts zone will always come and swallow us whole, and that never ending wave is that of changes.


Life is always changing, morphing and re-framing itself to better fit us into it’s entirety. I am honest, I too fear changes. We are often confronted with things that seem outside of our control, sometimes it’s something dump or trivial like in my example “not having internet for a week.” and other times it can be as big as the death of a loved one or even an almost fatal injury, whatever the changes. The attitude we take towards them is what will determine how much this truly affects us.


Take for example the worse case scenarios of a cancer patient. There are times when people are diagnosed with cancer, and they seem to regain a new sense of purpose and even a joy for life, however more often than not, those that are diagnosed with the disease spend their last minutes in bedridden waiting for the all mighty Grim Reaper to take them.


What is the difference between these two patients? They both have cancer, but for some that is not the end of the journey, instead it’s a ticking clock that can be lived one of two ways. Either in bed or out in the world doing what you never taught you’d have time to do, but now with death at the next corner what better time to do it?


I’ll be honest, I do not have the answer. I do not know how to not be afraid of change. Heck my mom says that I inherited it from my dad, an active military sergeant that when faced with any decision seems to rise up to the challenge, yet deep in themselves, they still carry that fear. Yet it is not paralyzing, it never is. Unless you let it be paralyzing, and in that lies the path, in that lies the light to the darkness that overcomes us in times of fear.


Don’t let yourself be paralyzed by fear, every day you wake up and you have two options, either stay in bed and stay in your comfort zone never moving forward, never growing, slowly dying away waiting inevitably for death to take you (like the cancer patients) or you get up with as little strength as you can muster and you battle on. Hoping, always hoping that getting up and participating in life will grant you the confidence to overcome the next obstacle, and then overcoming that obstacle will help you overcome an even bigger one later on.


This is a somber episode I’ll concede to that, a lot of death talk, but changes can be so overwhelming that putting them in perspective can truly help us lower our fears of them. I do not know if I will ever stop fearing change. All I do know is that today I choose to carry on, despite the fear, because fear is nothing when you add action to the mix. Do it, even when you’re scared, in fact do it because you are scared. Because fear, fear feeds on your inability to take action, fear resides in the comfort zone.


No one in the comfort zone achieved anything truly great. All the stars, the geniuses the hard-workers, they achieved it all with a little fear in their pants and a whole lot of action.


So wake up, get up and get out there. No need to conquer your fears today, just show them that you can keep going despite them. Show them that you are in control, and that no amount of fear can keep you down.


You deserve it. You are the boss of your life, not fear. So keep your chin high and walk firmly into the changes that life present you, for even when you fall, you grow stronger. Nothing can take your power unless you let it.


I hope you enjoyed this episode of 5 minutes of self-love and I hope that today brings you all sorts of changes, for I know that you will not cower in fear. You are strong, smart, and capable of overcoming any and all challenges life throws your way.



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