Today I want to talk about Self-Acceptance.


What is Self Acceptance?

Well to answer that question we first must understand what we mean by self, and then we can learn to accept it.


What is “the self”?

The self is everything you call you. Some people think this is their body, some say it’s their face, some might say it’s their minds, but in reality it’s much more than that


The self is everything that encompasses our reality. Our very own world, and in it we are gods. So while the self does include our bodies, our minds and our faces, it also goes far beyond that. The self can also be your house, your car, your friends, your family, your daily commute. Basically everything that you come in contact with on a daily basis can be considered the self. This is because we as conscious creatures hold action or inaction over these realms.


How do we come to accept the self in all it’s magnificence?

The first step is done with, and that is to accept that the self goes further than just our image in the mirror. Accepting that everything around us is directly conected to us is the perfect way to change, and improve our circumstances and alongside that our environments.
The second step is to recognize in what areas of the self we are lacking and address them accordingly.


You can see a big dissonance in the way people live their lives by doing a quick glance at the things around them. Take for example a person who is possessive and controlling of their friends, often times these types of people have dirty rooms or houses, because they spend so much time trying to control things outside their control that when they come back home they are simply too exhausted to clean up after the things they do hold control over. Resulting in messy rooms and sometimes even a poor hygiene.


Yet when we come back to the root of the issue all the person needs is a little self-acceptance and a redirection of their focus.


With that in mind I offer 3 things to start doing today that can improve your self-acceptance.


1- Take a step back and assess the situation:

Start journaling today, and change your life forever.


The amount of time we spend inside our heads talking, and talking can often leave us feeling tired, depressed and sometimes hateful of our own selves. We live in the past, or in the future but hardly ever in the present. Journaling grants us a way to cleanse our mind from all the chatter and allows us to evaluate what all that chatter truly is by putting it all down on paper.


2- Address your problem areas:

The amount of times that I’ve woken up feeling bad can be directly correlated to how dirty my house is or how behind I am in my work. This is because when I we fall off our routines or rather fall off the things we enjoy doing we are essentially disconnecting from our highest selves.


3- Affirm your way to self-acceptance:

Back to how much time we spend in our heads. Most of this time we spend it saying mean things about ourselves, our circumstances and overall the things we don’t like, yet when we make a conscious shift to be more positive in our inner talks we become empowered and much more capable to deal with the challenges that make us lose sight of our selves.


I urge you to close your eyes and repeat the following affirmations with me three times.


I am capable of changing my circumstances for the better.

I accept and love myself entirely.

I deserve a clean house, a clean mind, and a clean life.


I hope this post brings you some much due peace of mind, and that you can feel yourself walking briskly through the steps of self-acceptance. Carry on and love you life.

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