Pezote Adventures (Character Design)

Order Number: FO8144D12A4C4
Lead Generated:

Client Name:cw95403

Client Brief:

I am looking for a logo/character for my online presence. It’s called Pizote Adventures. I post about various activities I participate in, including but not limited to Overland/international travel, long distance hiking, long distance bicycling, outdoor activities, DIY projects, etc.

A pizote is an animal related to the raccoon – also known as a Coati. It is known for its mischievous nature, instigator, intelligence, care free nature, etc. Think of a fun, good natured Loki or Kokopelli. You can look up what a Pizote looks like by a quick Google search.

I am looking for a charismatic caricature of a Pizote – preferably standing on two legs, with a big fun loving smile. Similar to the Geico gecko.

It’s important that it NOT look like a rodent (rat or mouse) and that it is distinctly a different animal. Many caricatures that I have seen can be confused for a rat or a mouse.

The use case for the logo will be anything from small stickers or badges, to online avatars, to large vinyl stickers on the side of a vehicles.

Pizote Adventures is not a business, just a place for me to post about what I as an individual am doing to share with friends and family.

I am interested in a color caricature, full body, standing facing the towards the right with the front being the predominate side. I would like “Pizote Adventures” displayed – either separately or integrated with the caricature. The font should be free flowing, but not complex. The caricature should have a large but not overly large smile and bright eyes depicting adventure or free nature. It would be good, but not necessary if accessories were easy to fit into it such as a backpack or bicycle or Jeep, etc. Not necessarily having different poses.

Colors should be fun – but few – need to maintain simple for smaller printings. Pizotes – general/important features – long snout, pointy ears, long striped predominately vertical tail (as long as body), longer/larger rear legs than front. Generally brown/reddish in color with tactful use of black, tan or white for accents.

Look at Swiper – the fox from Dora the Explorer – similar, but more mature if you will:

The Geico Gecko – more fun and adventurous than the gecko but recognizable:

Here’s a link to a bunch of Pizotes/Coatis:

Buyer Review:

Had a rough start with me communicating the concept but once that was done, Mabs jumped right in and was able to deliver an expanded order which will suit my needs well. He communicates clearly and promptly and was able to deliver revisions before I could put my phone down. I would work with Mabs again.

Artist Statement:

This project was a lot of fun for me, it was actually a bit scary too. At the beginning of the process I had gone too general with the concept and delivered perhaps some sketches that the client felt were not too in line with what his concept was. Thankfully through the magic of iteration and development I was able to focus in on what the buyer wanted and created a character that is not only unique and special for them but fits more than one of their needs as a website owner.

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