Pal Chinchoreo 1 (Character Illustration)

Order Number: FO81783D95A66

Lead Generated:

Client Name: Adriabermudez

Client Brief:

Hola! Estoy haciendo una pagina en Shopify para vender tshirts etc para print on demand. El concepto es para dog lovers de Puerto Rico. Tienes algunas ilustraciones de perritos? Quiero que tengan personalidad. Cada camiseta llevará una frase boricua, relacionada a lo que esté haciendo el perrito. (print on demand products) Ya registré el logo y marca en el Dpto. de estado. Te envío un ejemplo de lo que quiero. Por ejemplo ‘ te pediría 3 diseños )segun fiverr $30) transparent background 500 dpi png. Me dejas saber.

Buyer Review:

Good communication.

Artist Statement:

This project was another one of those projects that’s just a delight to work on. The client came from Puerto Rico directly, so that’s a plus because if I do my work right they might also get me some return business as well as referral business. As far as the designs go, I am very proud of these sketches. I first did some light research on pinterest and google and then I landed on some cool concepts that could easily illustrate what the client needed to say while still keeping with his doggy aesthetic. I love clients that allow me to go through my sketch session process, because it is during this stage of the process that I can experiment and land on designs that not only the client enjoys but I enjoy making them as well.

Image Gallery:

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