Self-Help Book Illustration

Order Number: FO5150C360308
Lead Generated:
Client Name: vinitbolinjkar
Client Brief:

The right side of the image has a gold embedded ladder (3D) that is reaching for the pot of gold with a teenage MBA student climbing on it to get to the pot of gold. And at his left is a Mentor professor (me) helping him in his journey. The back ground on the right hand side can be a neutral pastel shade with my name Vinit Bolinjkar written at the bottom

The left-hand part of the book can have a scenery as displayed by the Science file.Also please can you use an image with a rainbow and there can be a pot of gold coins at the right end of the rainbow. The silhouette of the woman can be replaced by the depiction of the price movent of a stock

Buyer Review:

No review

Artist Statement:

This was a fun project, I only wish they’d have left a review, that way I would know a bit more of what they enjoyed and didn’t enjoy, but that’s ok. Sometimes people are busy and just need their art and move on, I think I did an Amazon search at some point for the book and they were able to publish it with the right version of the cover, so that’s awesome!!!

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