Animated Intro (Stream Design)

Order Number: FO4F0EFCC2B5

Lead Generated:

Client Name: Ryangann631

Client Brief:

Hey there! Would you still be interested in helping me out with a design of my channel?

well, i have sort of a concept of it.

well, truthfully, i would need it as soon as possible. I’m going to be posting videos hopefully as soon as next week and i’ll need the photo so i can get an opening animation set up with another person, unless you can create one as well.

Mkay. well its not a long intro but i was thinking two cannons shooting the two balls onto a couch and exploding to reveal me and my friend sitting on the couch with controllers and smiling.

Buyer Review:


Artist Statement:

Truly one of the best projects I’ve ever worked on. It is a very rare chance that a client comes to you looking for one thing and ends up with an even better thing than they hoped for along with the initial idea they had. This client is specific came looking for a banner for his twitch channel, and left with a banner and a full on animation. This is in part because I do both things, animation and illustration so it was a natural transition for him to get the banner and then the animated intro since one of the frames from the animation was also his banner.

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